• The Expat

    What is an expat?

    An expat is someone who was born here, went to school here, or worked in Metro Detroit at some time in their life and now lives elsewhere.

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    Our annual event was designed to encourage the women and men who grew up in Detroit and its metro area to use their individual success for the collective benefit of their hometown. Our expat attendees are able to travel to Detroit from their new cities and be immersed in the inner-workings of local revitalization efforts, reconnect with their hometown, be surrounded by fellow former residents and become inspired to make a difference.


    Our expat attendees represent a range of professional backgrounds in addition to personal interests. From startup founders to college professors, lawyers to fine artists, our audience provides for a robust experience.


    Over 850 Expat Attendees

    Committed and ready to make an impact

    The Experience

    Explore Detroit’s 139 square miles of neighborhoods, parks, and economic corridors.

    • Live & Virtual Keynote Addresses
    • Outdoor Dinners
    • Neighborhood Tours
    • One-of-A-Kind Experiences
    • Conversations with Detroit Leaders

    Detroit Homecoming provides expats with a total immersion into the city’s professional and cultural scene. Build important connections with local companies, grassroots doers, investors and nonprofits.


     Reconnect with your hometown.

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    What Expats Say About Homecoming

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    Ebbie Parsons

    Founder, Yardstick Management

    "Detroit Homecoming has put on full display the beauty of Detroit's resilience and her grandeur. It pushed me to take action and invest significant personal resources in the transformational resurgence of my hometown. I love the D!"

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    Christina Liedtke

    Founder, Astouri.com

    "By attending Detroit Homecoming, I have made numerous connections in Detroit both in the metropolitan area as well as in the United States and have supported numerous small businesses through the sharing of ideas and experiences"

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    Robin McClary

    Youth Empowerment Specialist, NYC

    "Detroit will always be home. I am committed to making the city better not only for those who are just discovering the opportunity that it offers but for the life long residents that never has a doubt, never gave up."