Detroit Homecoming 2016: Sept. 14-16

In the past two years, Detroit Homecoming has drawn more than 300 expats back home to inspire their participation in the city’s rebirth. The payoff so far: More than $230 million in pending investments, including:

  • The opening of Will Leather Goods in Midtown. The deal came together after William Adler, founder and CEO of the Oregon-based retailer and a native of northwest Detroit, attended the inaugural Homecoming.
  • Rheal Capital Management, led by expat John Rhea, signed on as co-developer of 150 Brewster Wheeler apartments in Brush Park. Rhea is also a partner in the revitalization of the Fisher and Albert Kahn buildings in New Center.
  • Wendy Hilliard, a USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame member and former U.S. national team participant, will open a gymnastics center for youth in northwest Detroit.

Here, you’ll find additional coverage for Homecoming dating back to 2014, photos and more information about attendees. If you’re expat, or know someone that is, you can submit an invite request for 2016 Detroit Homecoming, which takes place Sept. 14-16.

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